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Submit a photo and vote for a chance to win!


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What’s the Buzz About Cicadas?



A cicada craze is taking hold at Simple Solutions! Why?  It happens somewhere almost every year, and this year it’s happening in our home state!

Any day now, the 17-year cicadas (Brood V) will most likely be arriving in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. (If you don’t live in any of these states, perhaps the cicadas visited you last year, or they will arrive in your home state within the next year or so.)

Whether you’re likely to see any cicadas this year or not, download these free activities, and use them for reading comprehension, science, writing, or math. If you want to make more worksheets specific to the standard you are teaching, be sure to check out our new Worksheet Generator!  It is packed with problems sorted by standard to create a personalized lesson for your students.

Enjoy this free Cicada unit from Simple Solutions!  Click on the thumbnails to download the full worksheet.  You can use it to supplement reading, science, social studies, writing, and math lessons.

Cicada Reading

  • Magicicada, 2016: They’re Back! (passage suitable for students in grades 4-6)
  • Question Worksheet (with answers and CCSS codes)



cicada witing picture


Writing Prompts and Activities




picture cicada puzzle 

Crossword Puzzle (for reviewing Tier II and Tier III vocabulary)



cicada math picture


Cicada Math Worksheet




Links to some great resources we found while researching the unit:


summer picture

Learn more about Summer Solutions and Smart-EZE for your students, and encourage life long learning!

Mental Math

Mental Math

Mental Math

Your little leprechauns will love to work on this mental math activity based on Common Core Standard 3.OA.9.  To achieve mastery, students must be able to identify patterns in sums of basic facts.  Students must also be able to explain mathematical patterns, such as why the sum of two even or two odd numbers is always an even number.

This free activity has two parts, the first has students answer the addition problems using mental math.  If the answer is even, color the space green; if the answer is odd color the space orange.  After the shamrock appears, students will complete the second part of the activity.  Using what they discovered, students will answer the questions to help them see the mathematical patterns.

Learn more about Simple Solutions, our classroom series used in hundreds of classrooms throughout the United States.  Parents can order Summer Solutions  or download our app, Smart-EZE, for their children to work on over summer vacation to help prevent summer learning loss!

Need more practice on this standard?  Make custom worksheets using our Worksheet Generator.

Color Shamrock With Numbers
Color Shamrock With Numbers
387.0 KiB
Color Shamrock Key
Color Shamrock Key
1.6 MiB
Find The Pattern
Find The Pattern
571.0 KiB
Find The Pattern Answer
Find The Pattern Answer
579.9 KiB

Smart-EZE Summer App

Smart-EZE Summer App!

First lady Michelle Obama has a message for young people: Don’t waste your summer!

“If you’ve got big dreams and I know you all do, if you want to go to college, want to get a good job, want to make the most of your potential—then summer can’t just be a vacation. This is really a time to try and get ahead.”

(Michelle Obama as quoted in Education Week June 20, 2014)

With Smart-EZE Summer App and Summer Solutions, you can prevent summer learning loss in just minutes a day and without sacrificing summer fun.

By the way, your first Smart-EZE Summer App lesson is FREE! Go ahead and try each subject and grade level. You can order more lessons by subject. Or, save money by getting a bundle. Because it’s rewards-based, the App gives kids incentives for finishing their work. They get trophies and games, like WordSearch for English, Crossword Puzzles for reading and NumberNudge for math.

Summer AppSummer App Summer App

Benefits for Students:

  • Interactive, fun, and engaging — animated characters provide feedback
  • Comprehensive Math, English Grammar, and Reading lessons for grades 1-5
  • Over 400 interactive items per subject and grade level (over 4500 in all)
  • Grade-level Incentives (rewards & games) for each subject


Benefits for Parents:

  • Ability to track a child’s progress
  • Student progress reports can be viewed by both parents and students
  • Supports learning standards, including traditional and Common Core
  • Flexible and cost-effective — each lesson can be used by up to 5 family members
  • Over 1,200 interactive items per grade
  • First lesson in any subject, any grade is FREE!



Don’t let summer go to waste!  Download Smart-EZE here!


Take Simple Solutions for a Test Drive

Get free materials when you take Simple Solutions for a Test Drive!

Free Materials

free materials

Does this sound familiar? You teach your class a concept, and you’re sure they “got it,” but when the same concept comes up again later in the year, you see a room full of blank stares. We’ve got a solution. Simple Solutions.


Simple Solutions is a review strategy for math, English and reading you can make part of your daily routine. It helps kids remember what they’ve learned—not just for the test—forever!



Try out Simple Solutions for yourself with a free six-week test drive. You’ll get the daily lessons plus a teacher’s edition and training!

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Simple Solutions Reading Sampler

Simple Solutions Reading Sampler

Simple Solutions header

Reading 1-6 Sampler
Reading 1-6 Sampler
3.1 MiB

Above is a digital reading sampler of Simple Solutions Common Core Reading Comprehension that is free to download.

This series aligns with the Common Core State Standards for Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, and English Language. As recommended by the CCSS, the student book contains a 50/50 ratio of literary and informational text. Each unit is accompanied by a certified Lexile measure. Grades 2, 3, & 4 are available now. Grades 1, 5, & 6 are due to be released in spring 2016.

Click here to see all the books in this series!

reading sampler

Fifth Grade Activity- The Three Brothers

three brothers blog page

The story of “The Three Brothers” is a folktale about three men who leave home to make their way in the world and prove their worthiness to their father. Each not only learns a trade, but also develops a superpower to show off back home.

This free fifth grade activity includes questions and writing activities based on the Common Core State Standards for ELA. It also includes a SMART board activity that links to a version of Aesop’s Fable, “The Bundle of Sticks,” as well as a different version on You Tube. The text and video can be used with the writing activities suggested in the teacher’s guide.

This reading activity is similar to the lessons in our Simple Solutions reading series. The series aligns with Common Core State Standards for Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, and English Language.

  • As recommended by the CCSS, the student book contains a 50/50 ratio of literary and informational text. 
  • All items are coded to show alignment with the Common Core State Standards. This includes lessons, quizzes, and the Pre/Post-Test, as well as Writing Tasks. The Student Edition contains 108 lessons and 18 quizzes.
  • Common Core aligned Writing Tasks provide practice with evidence-based writing.
  • Complete lesson plans and student handouts are included in the Teacher’s Edition. Writing Tasks include pre-writing activities and address argument/opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing.

Click on the image to download the files:

PDF of the lesson:

picture three brothers

SMART board story:

picture of three brothers smart

SMART board questions:

question pic

SMART board extension questions: 

extension picture

Simple Solutions  Worksheet Generator

The Worksheet Generator allows you to create and print customized worksheets for review, practice, and/or assessment. With thousands of items to choose from, you can tailor each 12-item worksheet to meet the specific needs of your students. All items are coded to show their Common Core alignment, and each worksheet comes with a corresponding answer key.

  • Focus on a single Common Core State Standard, or choose up to three Standards per worksheet.
  • Select each math problem from a large list of items within a Common Core State Standard. Or, allow the generator to randomly select items for you, based on the Standards you’ve chosen.

ws generator picture

Summer Solutions Order Today!

Summer Solutions

Summer Solutions

We launched our FIRST EVER web only special!  Use coupon code:  WEB20 to get 20% off all of your Summer Solutions books.  There are a few weeks of summer left, use that time to get your child ready for the upcoming school year.  The code is only good until July 26, 2015 so don’t wait to order!

Educators and parents agree that, without some form of academic engagement over the summer break, children will forget much of what they learned in school during the previous year. Research shows that students tend to score lower on reading and math achievement tests at the end of summer than they did just before summer break. This phenomenon is what is sometimes called “summer learning loss”.

Summer Solutions helps to prevent summer learning loss by providing the necessary review and practice that allows students to retain important math and language arts skills, not only over the summer break, but also for a lifetime. Each Summer Solutions practice book contains 30 lessons, along with Help Pages and an answer key for self-checking.

Summer Solutions