Meet the Team: Carrie

IMG_2090Carrie Coxwell is the next member of the Bright Ideas Press Team that we want to introduce to you.  She is the team member with the largest vocabulary and is able to take simple paragraphs and turn them into eloquent masterpieces.  She has superhero quality grammar skills, and can proof large books in a single bound.

I’ve been working at Bright Ideas Press for one year and nine months. My primary responsibility is proofreading our books, but as Regina said in her profile, we wear many hats here!

My favorite thing about working at BIP is getting to learn obscure grammar facts throughout the course of my day. For example: did you know that the plural of “octopus” is not “octopi”? It’s actually “octopodes”—how’s that for riveting?

When I’m not at work, you can find me reading, knitting, or watching a documentary about squid.

I’ll close with an inspirational quotation from 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

We are so lucky that Carrie is on our team.  Not many publishing companies can claim they have a superhero on staff!!