Level 8 English Grammar & Writing Mechanics

Summer Solutions 8th Grade English Grammar & Writing Mechanics is for students preparing for high school. Without ongoing practice, literacy skills lag over the summer break. However, students can bridge the summer learning gap with 8th Grade Grammar. All educational standards require students leaving Grade 8 to demonstrate command of English grammar and usage, use verb forms in active and passive voice, interpret figures of speech, distinguish connation, and increase vocabulary through a variety of means. Using the summer workbook, students complete 30 lessons of mixed review over a 10-week period, and this ongoing practice ensures retention of all the language arts concepts covered in eighth grade. Additional skills in the workbook include using gerund, infinitive, and participial phrases, distinguishing main and subordinate clauses, adjusting sentences for subject-verb agreement, identifying Greek and Latin roots, and avoiding plagiarism in the writing process. The workbooks also weave in all of the other skills from the previous levels. By completing just one lesson three days a week, students enter ninth grade ready to begin learning new material right away. These summer workbooks include Help Pages and a complete answer key.

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