Grade 4 Problem Solving

Grade 4 Problem Solving

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Summer Solutions Problem Solving 4 is for students who are entering grade 5. As students progress from primary through middle school, they must acquire a range of strategies to address multi-step word problems. This summer workbook reviews grade-level math topics while developing fluency with these specific problem-solving strategies: Make an Organized List, Guess and Check, Look for a Pattern, Draw a Picture, Use a Table/Make a Table, Write a Number Sentence, Use Logical Reasoning, Work Backward, Solve a Simpler Problem, and Make a Model. By completing a lesson three times per week, students enter grade 5 ready to begin learning new material right away. These summer workbooks include Help Pages and a complete answer key.


  • Levels 2 through 7*
  • Includes 30 lessons, Help Pages, and Answer Key

*Choose the grade level that matches the grade just completed 

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