Algebra I, Part B Mathematics Grade 8

Algebra I, Part B Mathematics Grade 8

Summer Solutions Algebra I, Part B is for students who have completed the entire Algebra I course.
Elementary or High School students who have completed Algebra I should understand radicals and be able to solve problems involving rational expressions; understand relationships among lines, linear equations, slope, and graphs; solve systems of linear equations using multiplication strategies; understand and work with zero and negative exponents; and read and interpret charts and graphs. Additional skills in the workbook include multiplying and dividing exponents; working with the Pythagorean Theorem; adding and subtracting polynomials; and factoring polynomials using multiple strategies. By completing just one lesson three days per week, students enter their next high school math course ready to begin learning new material right away. These summer workbooks include Help Pages and a complete answer key.


Grades Pre-K through Algebra I*

  • Supports retention of new learning and prevents learning loss
  • Includes 30 lessons and Answer Key

*Choose the level that matches the grade just completed.

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