Grade 6 Standards-Based Mathematics

Grade 6 Standards-Based Mathematics

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Summer Solutions Standards-Based Math 6 is for students who are entering 7th grade. The Standards-Based State Standards require children leaving 6th grade to calculate ratio and unit rate; divide fractions by fractions; perform all operations with multi-digit decimals; use positive and negative numbers in real-world contexts; work with ordered pairs in all four quadrants of a coordinate plane; interpret inequalities; write and evaluate expressions with whole number exponents; find the area of polygons; represent three-dimensional figures with nets; and summarize numerical data sets in a variety of ways. By completing just one lesson three days per week, students enter 7th grade ready to learn new material right away. These summer workbooks include Help Pages and a complete answer key.


Grades Pre-K through 8*

  • Fully Aligned with Standards-Based State Standards
  • Includes 30 lessons and Answer Key

*Choose the level that matches the grade just completed.

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