The Summer Solutions team is currently working remotely. We will be monitoring live chats and checking emails ([email protected]) and voicemails periodically during normal business hours. Summer Solutions book orders are still being packed and shipped!

School Orders

Call Us To Get Your School Code: 877-382-7537

Here is a great benefit you can offer the parents of your students! Parents know their children need to be academically engaged over summer break, and Summer Solutions is the obvious choice for this.

Your school can offer parents one of two easy ways to purchase Summer Solutions and get free shipping.* Here is how it works:

  • We provide a School Code and a flyer with all the details and instructions for parents.
  • The school chooses a coordinator who distributes the Parent Letter.
  • Parents visit the Summer Solutions website, enter the School Code, and purchase the summer books they want, using a credit card. If parents need help ordering or do not wish to order online, they can call us and still get free shipping with the school code.
  • If parents choose the Ship to School option, we package all the orders by family name and ship them to the school for easy distribution. This order is shipped before school is out for the summer, i.e., the deadline date. Each packet contains a receipt with the child's name and a list of books ordered.
  • What is a Deadline Date?

    The Deadline Date is the date set by the school (approximately 2 weeks before summer break begins). If you have missed the Deadline Date, you can choose the Ship to Home order option and still receive free shipping to your home.
  • Or, if you choose the Ship to Home option, there is nothing further to be done!
  • Upon request, we will send the coordinator a report showing which families have already placed their orders.
Summer Solutions online ordering is easy for parents, and it is easy for the school! As always, the children get the benefit. Using Summer Solutions will enable them to retain everything they are learning during this school year.

*Of course, you can still collect all the orders at your school, using the Summer Order Kit. Your school sends an order with prepayment; we cover the cost of shipping.